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  • Atari reveals a new console

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  • thumbnail Coleco Gemini

    BORN IN 1982. The Coleco Gemini claimed to play as good as Atari and be better - VCS games worked so you could play pacman to asteroids on this easily.

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  • thumbnail Atari Flashback 4

    The Atari Flashback was released in 2004. The console resembled an Atari 7800 in appearance, and came with a pair of controllers which resembled those of the Atari 7800 but were slightly smaller.

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  • thumbnail Mattel

    Mattel were famous in the 70s for making some wonderful toys and smaller electronic it was time to hit the console marked at the turn of a new decade.

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  • thumbnail JXD S7800b

    Bringing retro games to te modern world!

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  • thumbnail World Class Track Meet

    World Class Track meet- Pretty quick (in more ways that one!) and simple stuff

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  • thumbnail Commodore 64GS

    BORN IN 1990. The Commodore 64GS console was designed to compete with the Sega Mega Drive and SNES - A rare console and interesting looking machine...

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  • thumbnail Banjo Kazooie

    Banjo-Kazooie set out to capitalise on the building popularity of the platformer genre, and boy did it succeed....

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  • thumbnail Atari 7800

    A bold attempt to take on the console market from Atari.

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  • thumbnail Colecovision

    BORN IN 1982. The Colecovision has certainly stood the test of time of being a console that is now over 30 years old.

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