DJ PSOne Console

When 'GamesYouLoved' asked us to work our magic on a few retro consoles and controllers then we jumped at the challenge.

If you can think back to the days of the PlayStation, there are always a few franchises that spring to mind and conjure up good memories (but we wanted to do something a bit different)

When it came to our initial design our thoughts for the PS One console were given it's small and compact shape we had to visually make it look larger than life..... hopefully we have done just that.

3D Turntable Arm Model

First and foremost we wanted to make sure that this console incorporated a lot more 3D printed elements (as we are really starting to expand our 3D printer knowledge). Straight from the onset the design just popped out at us, from an age when DJ vinyl turntables were all the rage, then this was what we needed to do.

3D Turntable Model

Needless to say after a few very quick sketches, we set to work on the 3D CAD model designs and artwork (see photos). Once all the CAD artwork was completed we then we just need to print out the 3D models (we use white ABS plastic) on our XYZ Printer.

PS1 005

After sanding and priming we allow a good 6 hours before applying a top coat of acrylic paints and then any further airbrush detailing after that.

PS1 013

We have included a few photos showing the various stages of the design from concept to final creation.

PS1 019

This is our 'DJ PS One' custom console with its own record, which can be place on top and just for fun you can even spin it back and forth like a real DJ would do! It's just one of the many ways we can make an old console look brand new, in a totally different eye catching way.


Keep a look out for more of our custom creations in the near future from Extreme Consoles


PS1 014

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