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If you are planning a game-related Kickstarter campaign then look no further for marketing and promotional support from GamesYouLoved.

Our team now has many years of commercial industry experience in marketing, PR, advertising, social media marketing, design, video production to add value to your product or service.

We have years of experience with a range of Kickstarter campaigns which have been successfully with the help of the GamesYouLoved Marketing Team. We have a very engaged gaming audience both here and on our website and across our successful social media channels to extend your reach to a highly targeted retrogaming audience.

Why should you be a partner with GamesYouLoved? and it's social community is a great place to reach out to a wide audience of people from the gaming community. Fans and professionals from all aspects of the community, digital and creative combine a strong fan base that regularly visit our site and interact on our social channels on a daily basis.

The great thing about GamesYouLoved is the mix of people, all coming together to share their knowledge and memories and to forge links within their community.

Since 2012 GamesYouLoved has grown to become one of the largest communities in the retrogaming world, with a following of over 150,000 gamers on all our social media channels. We also have an extended reach beyond this with our community and other gaming brand links.

How can you work with us? 

There are numerous ways to work with the ever growing and internationally recognised brand, GamesYouLoved. We can work with you to provide the best exposure for your brand such as:

- Kickstarter campaigns and one off sales promotion or brand awareness campaigns

- On-line advertising on this website

- Event sponsorship and experiential activities

- Social media campaigns with our Twitter and Facebook

 We also have experience in developing campaigns for specific Instagram, Facebook and Twitter activity alongside our ever growing YouTube channel where we have over 3000 regular subscribers. This and our Vine channel provides a full mix of social activity on the social side of marketing.

Why work with us?

GamesYouLoved is a community brand run by fans for fans. One way to keep our community growing, full of cool content and ideas -  is for you to join with us and work with us.

It doesn't matter the size of your brand, we can arrange a suitable package for you from just name on a review, apperance on our blog, awareness campaigns on social media.

Get in touch with us here before you start your campaign you will seriously benefit from our skills and experience in pre-planning your campaign:

Don't just take our word for it - here are some of the testimonials from just some successful campaign owners:

Sam Dyer - Bitmap Books


"When I initially had the idea to kickstart my Commodore 64 book I was very lucky to be put in touch with Tim Nicholls who had successfully done the same thing with his Artcade book.

Tim's advice was invaluable and he talked very highly about how GamesYouLoved had supported him throughout his campaign and helped loads with promotion - getting the word out there. 

I quickly got in touch with GamesYouLoved.

Running a Kickstarter campaign can be very lonely, so to have a partner by your side for the ups and downs was hugely important and beneficial. Also a huge bonus was their reach on social media. Regular tweets to their now 70,000+ Twitter followers and posts to their 30,000+ Facebook friends made a HUGE impact on the success of my campaign.

The confidence that working with them gave me was invaluable. There is no way the C64 book would have reached £35k funding if it not for the support of GamesYouLoved. Then when my next Kickstarter campaign was confirmed I didn't think twice about working with GamesYouLoved again.

This time the book was about the Amiga computer and I worked with GamesYouLoved closer than ever. We worked out a month's worth of marketing activity and worked in tandem daily to promote the campaign as best as we could.

They would nudge me when they felt it was time for a new pledge or some new design which kept the momentum in the campaign. We ended up raising £129k and are now the most successful gaming book on Kickstarter, even beating books about industry giants SEGA and Nintendo. A huge achievement.

That total would no way of been achievable without GamesYouLoved."

Now I have completed my recent campaign with the help of the team for the Unofficial book on the NES/Famicom where we raised £190,000 and over 4100 backers.

Rob Hewson - Hewson Consultants

Hewson (1)

"When preparing a Kickstarter campaign you want to ensure you can reach as many liked minded people as possible.

We spoke to a few key figures in the retrogaming community and GamesYouLoved was very highly regarded.

When we got in touch it was immediately clear that fundamentally they were a group of true retrogaming enthusiasts. They were incredibly passionate and only to happy to help spread the word.

GamesYouLoved have built up a great deal of experience helping with retrogaming Kickstarter campaigns, so their expertise is very valuable.They are able to help you reach out to like-minded retrogamers and really add a great deal of energy and collective enthusiasm to put the wind in your sails. 

Not only did GamesYouLoved help to promote our campaign to their followers, they were also very well connected and able to put us in touch with key figures who were only to happy to help to. Through their connections and activities they are able to add all sorts of additional value, such as the footage they filmed of the Hewson talk at Play Expo 2013 which they we very generous to provide.

We'd definitely recommend GamesYouLoved to other Kickstarters and brands in the retrogaming space.

They have the connections, the followers, the reputation and above all else they are true fans through and through."

Matt Gray - Music Producer & Composer

Mattgraycd V2

"GamesYouLoved not only have a great love for the C64 but also a great understanding of why so many others love it as well.

They'll help spread the word to retro games lovers who perhaps haven't been alerted by other channels.

GamesYouLoved provided lot's of interaction on social media and well thought-through Tweets and posts relating to the Reformation Kickstarter as well as running a competition to win a copy of Reformation.

I'd recommend GamesYouLoved to other brands for their promotional skills because they know the retro gaming market and they care about it."

Nickolaus Mueller - HD Retrovision


"We worked with GamesYouLoved because of the retro gaming audience that they are able to reach. Their followers are exactly the type of people we wanted to reach with our range of retro gaming component cables.

GamesYouLoved helped us reach far more people than we would have been able to on our own. They were especially helpful in spreading the word on Twitter and Facebook where they have a huge following, and really connected us with the retro gaming community outside of the U.S. because they are a global brand.

GamesYouLoved put out their own Tweets and Facebook posts to promote us as well as retweeting targeted posts of our own. In addition, they provided helpful networking tips as the campaign went forward and connected us to other people they worked with across brands and the community.

If you have a cool retro product that you want to promote to an audience that loves old video games, GamesYouLoved should be the first place you look to. They have the reach you're looking for and will help you out along the way."

If you are planning a game-related Kickstarter then look no further for marketing and promotional support from GamesYouLoved.

Get in touch with us here before you start your campaign:

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