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  • thumbnail Battle Out Run

    Maybe it's because it was only ever released on Sega's 8 bit Master System in 1989 Battle Out Run is a one off!

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  • thumbnail Super Monaco GP

    Starting grid in first place, the Monaco sun and F1 80s racing - what else could you ask for!

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  • thumbnail Road Avenger

    Fight evil crime lords in this non-stop action car chase all set to a amazing soundtrack.

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  • thumbnail Lords of the Rising Sun

    In its day, Lords of the Rising Sun was considered to be the finest stratagy games availble with the Amiga 500 progressing well in its prime years against its competitors.

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  • thumbnail North and South

    A winning formula of strategy and action on the Amiga

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  • thumbnail Midwinter

    Win by military might, destroying enough brigades so that enemy scatters

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  • thumbnail APB

    APB ("All Points Bulletin") is a 1987 arcade video game by Atari Games. In the game, the player assumes the role of "Officer Bob," a rookie police officer.

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  • thumbnail Batman

    Batman is a shadow in the darkness, as elusive as a dream!

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  • thumbnail Xenon 2: Megablast

    Xenon 2 is a space shooter where enemies are blasted to bits!

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  • thumbnail Stuntcar Racer

    Stunt Car Racer (also distributed under the title Stunt Track Racer) is a racing video game developed by Geoff Crammond and was published by MicroStyle in 1989. In the US it was published by MicroPlay.

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