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  • thumbnail Enduro Racer

    Enduro Racer is an arcade game from Sega. It was released in 1986 with either a stand up cabinet with handlebars or a full-sized dirt bike on the cabinet itself. Some said[who?] it is essentially the dirt version of Hang-On

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  • thumbnail Virtua Fighter

    Take your place in Sega's ultimate Fighting game!

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  • thumbnail Fighters Megamix

    Fighters Megamix is a 1996 fighting game developed by AM2 for the Sega Saturn and It combines several characters from various Sega games

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  • thumbnail Sonic CD

    Sonic the Hedgehog CD , or Sonic CD, is a platform video game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega.

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  • thumbnail Rambo: First Blood part 2

    Bullets, explosions, rockets everything you need in a all action shooter!

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  • thumbnail Rocky

    Slip on the famous gloves of Rocky balboa and earn that statue in Philly!!

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  • thumbnail Spiderman vs The Kingpin

    Pull down your mask , swing through the city's skyscrapers and defeat the evil crime lord The Kingpin

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  • thumbnail Choplifter

    A simple, but at times difficult shooter that delivers action and fun all in one

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  • thumbnail Sonic the Hedgehog

    Sonic must stop Dr.Robotnik and foil any plans of world domination.

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  • thumbnail Battle Out Run

    Maybe it's because it was only ever released on Sega's 8 bit Master System in 1989 Battle Out Run is a one off!

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