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  • thumbnail Dungeons & Dragons Warriors of the Eternal Sun

    Every proper Dungeons & Dragons game must have an epic story to tell, and Warriors of the Eternal Sun is no exception.

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  • thumbnail Dragons Lair

    An amazing cartoon-like adventure set in the early 80s!!

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  • thumbnail Space Harrier

    Fighting double-head dragons and flying, shooting through the air - this was Space Harrier!

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  • thumbnail Wonder Boy 3

    Wonder Boy 3: The Dragons Trap is up there with the classics of retro gaming.

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  • thumbnail Tir Na Nog

    Tir na nog was a seminal adventure game for the Speccy

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  • thumbnail Knightmare

    Knightmare is a British television programme for children and was broadcast on CITV from 7 September 1987 to 11 November 1994. The show is most noted for its use of blue screen chroma key (an idea borrowed by Tim Child from weather forecasts, where it had just started to be used) and use of 'virtual reality' interactive gameplay on television.

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  • thumbnail Gauntlet

    Enter the realm of true adventure gaming with the classic Gauntlet

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  • thumbnail Playstation

    BORN IN 1996. The Playstation became the ground breaking console for Sony in the mid 90s.  It broke all rules of gaming to be successful.

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  • thumbnail Golden Axe

    Pick you best character in this side scrolling action adventure like no other.

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  • thumbnail Golden Axe Warrior

    Golden Axe Warrior is an action-adventure game released on the Sega Master System in 1991 and a spin-off of the popular Golden Axe video game series.

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