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  • thumbnail Joe Blade 2

    An early scrolling beat em up in a fun and colourful way!!

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  • thumbnail Commando

    A run and gun shooter which wont let you down in the action department!

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  • thumbnail Snatcher

    Hideo Kojima developed a one off cyber punk game - the best title in our opinion for the Mega DC

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  • thumbnail Bionic Commando

    Use your bionic skills and strengths to fight against the forces of evil!

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  • thumbnail Rastan Saga

    Rastan, originally released as Rastan Saga in Japan, is a fantasy-themed side-scrolling action game originally released for the arcades in 1987 by Taito and later ported to various platforms.

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  • thumbnail Quartet

    Co-op play at its 4 player best in the arcades of the 80s

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  • thumbnail Earthworm Jim

    With Earthworm Jim there are moments of the game when I found it very challenging!

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