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  • thumbnail Master System

    BORN IN 1985. The Sega Master System began it's life in Japan with a US release in 86 then in Europe in 87.

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  • thumbnail R-Type

    A awesome and finger bashing shooter that will keep you coming back again and again!

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  • Ninja Gaiden: Master System memories

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  • thumbnail Spellcaster

    This falls into the category of 'truly exceptional' games!

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  • thumbnail Sega Game Gear

    The handheld shares much of its hardware with the Sega Master System and is able to play its own titles as well as those of the Master System.

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  • thumbnail Black Belt

    Black Belt was an iconic beat ‘em up game released in 1986 for the Sega Master System

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  • thumbnail Golden Axe Warrior

    Golden Axe Warrior is an action-adventure game released on the Sega Master System in 1991 and a spin-off of the popular Golden Axe video game series.

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  • thumbnail Battle Out Run

    Maybe it's because it was only ever released on Sega's 8 bit Master System in 1989 Battle Out Run is a one off!

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  • thumbnail Kung Fu master

    Kung-Fu Master, known in Japan as Spartan X (スパルタンX Suparutan X?), is a 1984 beat 'em up arcade game developed and published in Japan by Irem. It was later published in North America by Data East. The Japanese version was based on the Jackie Chan movie Wheels on Meals, known as Spartan X in Japan, and credited "Paragon Films Ltd.

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  • thumbnail Alex Kidd in Miracle World

    First the was Wonderboy, Then there was Alex Kidd!!

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