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  • Nintendo Playstation powers up!

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  • thumbnail Nintendo

    BORN IN 1889. Nintendo are world famous for developing games, toys and consoles and characters such as Mario, Donkey Kong, Metroid and Pokemon.

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  • thumbnail PS2

    BORN IN 2000. The Playstation 2 is the second biggest selling games machine and the biggest selling games console or all time with over 11,000 games in it's back catalogue.

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  • thumbnail F Zero GX

    Sega's influence is undeniable with F Zero GX

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  • thumbnail Playstation

    BORN IN 1996. The Playstation became the ground breaking console for Sony in the mid 90s.  It broke all rules of gaming to be successful.

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  • thumbnail Donkey Kong

    Nintendo broke into the videogames industry with a smash pioneered by Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto and Gunpei Yokoi.

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  • Nintendo Playlists

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  • thumbnail Diddy Kong Racing

    More superb Nintendo racing but this time with the Kong family!!

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  • thumbnail Nintendo N64

    BORN IN 1996. The N64 has legendary games such as a the mighty Goldeneye, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time and Star Fox 64 amongst many others.

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  • thumbnail Super Mario World

    These two plumbers from the land of Nintendo were up to their usual adventures and in a colour cartoon world were going to set the world alight.

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