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  • thumbnail Rambo: First Blood part 2

    Bullets, explosions, rockets everything you need in a all action shooter!

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  • thumbnail Urban Strike

    All fuelled up and it’s back out into the fray with a bridge this time feeling our wrath

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  • thumbnail Operation Wolf

    Lock and load, take aim and build up your kill count!!

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  • thumbnail Hostages

    Hostages is a computer game developed by New Frontier and published by Infogrames. It was released for the Acorn Electron, Archimedes, Atari ST, Amiga, Apple IIGS, Amstrad CPC, BBC Micro, Commodore 64, DOS, MSX, NES and ZX Spectrum platforms in 1988.

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  • thumbnail Roadblasters

    The 1987 classic Roadblasters literally blasted its way across the arcade and many consoles.

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  • thumbnail Banshee

    Released in 1994 by Core onto the Amiga 1200 and CD32, Banshee claimed to take the classic arcade shooter and bring it up to date.

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  • thumbnail Alien vs Predator

    The game is a first-person shooter which takes place on flat plane environments with two-dimensional sprites. Each player character has its own scenario, weapons, and abilities.

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  • thumbnail Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

    Have a Juraasic time with this beat em' up!

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  • thumbnail Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

    Sega created this awesome space shooter based on the classic comic and TV show

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  • thumbnail Spy Hunter

    Bally Midway lauched a classic arcade title that had all the influence of Bond

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