The PS4 - PS1 Limited Edition Console


So to celebrate 20 years of PlayStation, Sony have created a very special limited edition PS4. It harks back to the original and is very limited indeed.

20Thps4 01 590X330

Only 12,300 were listed for sale. Yes you heard it...12,300 Worldwide! 

The PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition combines sleek PS4 style with the iconic grey of the original PlayStation consoles – to reflect the original 3 December launch of the first PlayStation back in 1994. 

Unsurprising really that the PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Edition is in hot demand - and in one instance a buyer looked to sell one on ebay just very recently for $15,000! This is a New Gen and Retro Gamers dream limited release - combining all the elements of the original styling and nostalgic feeling with the latest in technology. Will Nintendo go the same way with their WiiU - only time will tell. Retro Gaming and the nostalgia of gaming is only here to stay.

See below the official release video from Sony to promote the release of the console:

Or on your phone watch here:


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