Sony & Nintendo to make a Mario Movie


Mario the biggest star of the gaming world is set to come back in the movies. He's been here before but what can Sony Pictures bring to the mix to please us gamers?

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The details are sketchy at this point but please Sony - involve Shigeru Miyamoto. He had the vision behind the character and having him on board will make this a collaboration. Spiderman Producer Abi Arad (former Marvel Studios Boss) is on board. The film is going to be animated rather than actors which could make it up there with the best of the animated movies of all time.

Shigeru Miyamoto Mario

We think is a good choice as the infamous live action has been done before, and as much as we love the late Bob Hoskins it just didn't work. The Super Mario Bros movie was regarded as bad..we do have a little love for it though - like bad being good!

If animated we already vote Charles Martinet for the voice. It just can't be done without him involved and his character voice and energy would make this a real kicker of a movie.

Super Mario Bros Box

The question is how many movies can they make out of this. A series would be interesting if it had some legs. The Super Mario Bros movie just needs to be told but in the right way. Nintendo could start to become something more than a videogames company too. What other games could now venture into movies - the possibiilties are endless. Metroid movie anyone?!

Leaked emails got this story out. So we get to find out early and now we have to wait!

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