TETRIS comes to PS4 & XBOX One


TETRIS Ultimate comes to PS4 then XBOX One this week - so what can we expect from this 80s classic in 2014?

For a game that has so much heritage of the arcade and of course the Game Boy what can the PS4 offer in terms of a TETRIS HD experience that hasn't been seen before? There have been so many incarnations of TETRIS  - but it has stood the test of time because of its addictive quality, soundtrack and simple pick up and playability.

Watch the trailer below or on your phone here: http://youtu.be/Ad51_Kv90HU

According to sources at Ubisoft this has a Playstation 4 then XBOX One release based on the loosely on the 3DS version. But it's the enhancements with New Gen consoles we are interested in. There are rumours of social and sharing options but nothing released on this just yet. The HD visuals and soundtrack will be key as a 50' screen and rocking track will make all the difference.

TETRIS might have come a long way since the original but retro classics like this are still reinventing themselves. And as long as they stick to the original formula but with some creativity they can work. Without this we'd rather just stick to the original.

Lets see what Ubisoft can do here.



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