E.T - It belongs in Museum!


ET from Atari.

So it finally got it's place - safe behind glass where no-one can get to it. Probably the best place for it!

Tweeted just yesterday and on the Smithsonian Museum blog - one of the E.T Atari game cartridges unearthed, has now been added to the video game history collection.Museum spokesman and specialist, Drew Robarge made the announcment. Including a photo with the actual game assigned to the City of Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Actual ET

The Smithsonian Museum has finally taken the the plunge to preserve videogame history as part of its dedicaton to gaming. When things happen in history the objects the surround them are our reminders of what occured. From wars to peace treaties or changes in fashions to inventions - its all here.

The Apple or Google of its day, Atari was a true pioneer in US and Global innovation and business. It literally cornered the gaming market in the 70s and early 80s with some tough competition too.

Atari is a massive part of gaming history and whilst we can celebrate its glorious past, we need to appreciate and understand what all went wrong too. As by understanding our past we appreciate and understand where we are going.


The unearthing of the Atari ET cartridges is no different. For these are not merely cartridges with a questionable 'game', They represent the downfall of the videogames industry and Atari that occured during 1983. When literally throusands upon thousands of ET carts were not sold becuase of the rush job Atari did with the development. Gamers voted with their dollars and said no. The result was a crash.

The other result was warehouses full of games with no home. So Atari did what any good guilty party does in this situation. Bury the evidence! In Alamogordo, New Mexico, strangely near Roswell too.

The story thereafter is fairly well documented so we won't go into massive detail but safe to say these ended up being unearthed and now remain safely beind glass.

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