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It's just over two years when we first appeared on Facebook at the end of November 2012 and wrote our first blog. So it's about time we did another blog to tell you a little more about us. The first ever blog went something like this: 

FRIDAY, 23 NOVEMBER 2012 Gamesyouloved.com live on Facebook

After developing a host of ideas around Gamesyouloved.com for a 2013 website launch, we wanted to start engaging with viewers on Facebook. Now is the time we said.... ...Let's get that Facebook page going...! So up we went on www.facebook.com/gamesyouloved On 23rd November 2012 - we kicked off our first post with a post on the classic twister.

We can't wait to get talking and chatting to all the gamers out there...there's so many years of gaming and type of games to talk about..video games, board games, traditional games, arcade games, handheld games, outdoor games, board games, card games...the list us endless...


Since November 2012 we went on to launch the first version of the website in April 2013 which has now just recently been enhanced to a mobile responsive version on the 9th December 2014. We also started our Twitter in spring 2013 and Youtube soon after. 

Events - there have been plenty and we have met so many awesome people in promoting and attending the main gaming events across the UK. Instagram has just started (which you can see on the feed in this website) and we have supported and promoted a number of retrogaming Kickstarters in the last year that produced some amazing products and have generated hundreds of thousands of pounds. We will have a dedicated Kickstarter section on this site very soon too.

So here we are in December 2014 and how have we done?

ideas@gamesyouloved.com or let us know on our social channels we'll be listening to you on Facebook and Twitter when this Blog goes out today and afterwards. Send us a DM, tweet or post to our facebook page. 


We always set out to make this a large scale community project - one where it wouldn't grow with just with us being involved, but the many thousands and millions of gamers that are passionate about retrogaming worldwide.

We couldn't have done it so far without everyone getting involved in the many ways they do on a daily basis. From the interaction daily to the contribution and ideas. So the start of this blog must most definately be a MASSIVE thank you to you all!


(pictured - @RETR0JOE)

So from where we started in 2012 from zero - to where next? From setting up GamesYouLoved or GYL (as we are often known) - we didn't truly understand the passion that an entire global community had for retrogaming.

Sure, we followed people on Youtube channels and some Twitter accounts personally between our Team - and to some extent, pages on Facebook. But since we have been engaging and talking with everyone we realise this 'thing' is so much bigger, stronger and full of promise for the future. For everyone involved it can only get better and more rewarding. We are so pleased to be part of it.


(pictured - 'Alex' @NintendoArcade)

Retrogaming is a hobby, passion and obsession - and has an infinite number of areas to the subject - with almost an endless number of subjects. The thousands upon thousands of games we can play, review, discuss and reminisce about are a massive subject alone.

But there's also the other areas surrounding them. The tips, guides, events, music, art, groups, Kickstarter projects, remakes, indie retro gaming, technology and many other aspects to this which makes it the most coolest thing to be involved in.


(pictured - Sami Cetin @SamiCetinSMK)

As far as our own personal goals we want to continue to entertain, support, inform, enagage and find interesting subjects around retro gaming to talk about and share with you all. We want your views, articles, reviews, blogs, videos where we can share and promote across our followers and fans. 


(pictured - Mike Pollock @itsamike)

We also want to maintain one aspect which we always wanted to include in what we do..it sounds a little childish - but the simple idea of fun and enjoyment.

It's really key to us and it's what gets us up in the morning and have the energy to be involved every day. Games are challenging, often frustrating, but what they give you is the massive element of fun and enjoyment overall. Whether playing on your own as a 'pick me up' with old friends. or even new friends found through our community - you get a real sense of reward from being a gamer.

Thanks again to you all!

GamesYouLoved Team. 2014.

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