Addicted to Amiibo?


So once again a toy has gripped the world before Christmas, but this time it's Nintendo and part of a Video Game. Not just any game..Super Smash Bros for Wii U.

The range includes all your favourite characters from Nintendo and Super Smash Bros. So are they just cute and great to put on the gaming shelf? Well no!

Amiibo 4

These little Amiibos store each character's data and game information, the build of the game, as well as cool ways to unlock costumes and features. As you progress in the game you can evolve the 'character' too.

Now whilst we love all things nostalgic and retro from the 70s, 80s, 90 and creeping into the early 2000's - this is something as a kid we would have loved. A toy that interacted with the game we were playing. It must work as long as it doesn't over complicate the gameplay and mostly add value to the experience and fun of it all.

Imagine retro games like Shenmue with characters that could be part of the game - how cool would that be - as well as looking amazing as a collectible. Or go even further back with the Legend of Zelda (this could be one for Nintendo now anyway!) or even Elite - space ships with their own design and you build them in some way. The possibilities are endless.

Amiibo 3

These Amiibo - love them or hate them offer us something Nintendo do well - creativity and originality. Something that we need in this world!  Other games include Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8, and for 2015 Nintendo will be announcing other games which could work with the characters yet to be released.

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