Pixels Movie - 80s Arcade Champions save the day!


It's about time us retro gaming fans became heroes. In Adam Sandler's new movie - video game experts are recruited by the military to fight 1980s-era video alien game characters who have attacked New York.

Pixels Movie Cast

Based on a short animated movie by Patrick Jean - this Summer movie will hit the screens in 2015. Iconic characters of 80s arcade games have already appeared in the teaser posters and clips. A huge Pac Man and Space Invader is among them and it looks like excitement all round. The posters released look particularly cool here:Pixels Movie Arcade PostersAliens attack the earth based on a mis-call and only expert arcade gamers in 80s-era gaming can beat them. Sounds like us job for us and the GamesYouLoved community!

Released on 24th July 2015 this looks like a fun, exciting nod to videogames once again. Let's hope Sony, Sandler and the team do us gamers justice. Actors Kevin James, Michelle Monaghan, Sean Bean and Ashley Benson also star in the line up.

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