Greatest Atari 2600 games Ever!


Atari used to be the gaming brand of choice for so many in the 70s and 80s growing up, so here are just some of the greatest Atari games ever!

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Asteroids: One of the best and most well known Atari games of all time. Not quite looking like the arcade version as yet - it was still great to play at home and have a bit of colour too. But we would still like to see the Millenium Falcon survive some of these levels!

Asteroids 26003

Pitfall: There was no other game like this platformer in 1982, and you will never forget the deep holes, the tree swinging and of course the Gator lakes! Even with a hero called Harry, it could take the shine of this game! Look at Jack Black as a kid starring in the commercial:

Lunar Lander: Atari's first vector graphics game looked clean and crisp as you powered your ship through the levels, but if you can fly but can't land. You would look like a Russian space monkey as you would hit the mountains and be blown to bits!


 Raiders of the Lost Ark

We reckon that Indy had a pretty hard time taking on the Nazi's in his first big screen adventure, but we dont think it was as hard as playing out as Indiana Jones on the Atari 2600!  With only the classic Atari joystick to guide Indy, we have no doubt he would choose his whip over the waggler any day!


Missile Command

This game in the arcade had a trackball. You could spend hours spinning that badboy to destroy all the nukes falling on your cities. But you would never be able to save all of them! Matthew Broderic would have loved this game in the 80's in War Games!

A5200 Missile Command

 The Empire Strikes Back

We know, we know! There are more Star Wars games out there than probably any other spin offs, but you can't deny the amount of fun you had pretending to be Luke going head to head with an AT-AT in your Snowspeeder....and its Star Wars c'mon!

Mario Bros

We all remember  Mario saving Princess Peach on the NES and SNES but they were using their plumbing  skills in this Atari adventure first. If you haven't played this...... Where have you been!  


Donkey Kong 

A long, long way from the barrelled jumping heroics on the Super Nintendo, here Donkey Kong was hard and very annoying. Your character was Jumpman, an early version of Mario - whio was then later renamed.

 Donkey Kong


With a paddle, ball and  coloured blocks it’s easy to think that this was a piece of cake....and it was at first. But as you moved up levels the ball bounced off your paddle at the speed of light. Yes, it then proved to be a challenging game of skill, apart from that bit when the ball got stuck at the top and did all the work for you.


 Ms Pacman 

He may only be interested in eating and chasing ghosts and while he choked on his Atari debut as the game didn’t replicate any of his arcade grace – this classic spin-off featuring his wife was as good as anything he’d ever done. 


So there you have it,  some of the  greatest  Atari 2600 games ever in our opinion anyway - tell us what you think too - email us at or tweet or post on our Twitter or Facebook. 

Written by @Rollie3333 (AKA Matt Shaw)

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