Last visit to the Trocodero


We were looking through the images we have here at GYL and came across some photos that made us stop and think. Our last visit to the Trocodero, we can't remember exactly when this was as it was a few months back now, but we could at least see a few arcade games that they had and we gave them a good go!

Trocodero London Earlier15 523X393

At this point there was the up escalators to the machines, they looked worn out and were placed down a small corridor, very much left and unloved. We had spent many a trip to London in the late 80s and 90s when the arcades were still hugely popular. Honestly they were even with MegaDrive and SNES consoles around, we were seeing arcades in touristy places still rammed and swallowing coins well late into the 1990s.

But 10 to 15 years has gone by since and we are seriously lacking. So we had our final fun before we knew the refurbishment of this old arcade was going to happen. We Played Star Wars Trilogy which is always a blast. Apart from that there was a broken Point Blank 2 cabinet  and a Mario Kart two seater. There is not much else other than that apart from some fruit machines and the usual soft toy grabbers.

Trocodero London 14 507X675

So going back downstairs we couldn't go wrong with some Sega classics! Taking it in turns between the 3 of us, we raced it out and put the pedal to the metal on Sega Rally, Outrun 2 and we went a bit more modern, playing GTI Club. Loving those handbrake turns in that bad boy!

Trocodero London Earlier20 499X665

We couldn't resist a go on the Pac-Man grabber and of course didn't get anywhere as they are completely a rip off! Finally we went for a couple of goes on the Horse Racing classic by Namco, such a laugh and a good work out..... we didn't look silly at all!

We said our final farewell and had a quick drink at the refreshment area before heading off. Little did we know at the time, but some of the furniture and gaming decor from here would head elsewhere. Many of the games are to be housed safely at the Heart of Gaming in Acton... There is a god then :)

Trocodero London 12 516X387

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