Game Boy iPhone - for real


When an April fool makes something real - its a 'real' turn up for the books. That's what happened a few days back when Reddit went mad with a April fools concept called The Smart Boy.


Hyperkin - the makers of the Retro Trio put out their own 'joke' press release for this strange looking but interesting device. Such was the interest that spread from Reddit to twitter, facebook and o

ther social channels this now is a reality in the making.

Hyperkin’s product developer, Chris Gallizzi, is now quoted in saying “we wanted to create a retro device that can be easily adapted into any modern gamer’s arsenal of devices.” So this could the first of many and hopefully they will make this and others more compatible"

Having iPhone 6 plus does restrict the market somewhat. So what about that?

Hyperkin Logo

Chris Gallizzi went on to say "The Smart Boy will integrate with the phone by way of an a downloadable app.

“There will be noticeable upscaling, a cheat database, and save states as well.” Other elements which have been leaked of the device include the ability to have a built in battery for extended play - save states (run of the mill now with new retro devices!) and that all important upscaling.

What games and other features on the gameplay is yet to be released. Gallizzi has confirmed since that Hyperkin is experimenting with both Android and Windows handsets as well. So fingers crossed.

Smartboy Retrogaming

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