Super Mario Bros in Toothpicks!


When it comes to the games that are famous for pixels and their art - Super Mario Bros by Nintendo is high on the list.

And 8-bits convert well to a number of art forms. Who would have thought the lonely toothpick could play a part for a new creation? Well Twitter extraordinaire BBコリー aka @BitBlt_Korry has done that very thing.

Super Mario Bros. Recreated with 14,000 Toothpicks!

Mario Toothpicks1

Over many hours and with a patience hand @BitBlt_Korry has now recreated Super Mario Bros - in toothpicks.

Watch the creation of 14,000 toothpicks here:

Every level of detail is included and the colours are rich and powerful.

Mario Toothpicks3

The toothpicks in place give the whole scene a 3D feel and game-like quality - pretty fun stuff.

Mario Toothpicks5

This is probably going to be a one-off, so you may expect to see this on ebay very soon going to the highest bidder. BitBlt Korry has put alot into the creation - as well as time, the total cost of all the materials used was 10,000 yen (US$84)

Mario Toothpicks4

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