Play Pac-Man in Minecraft!


Pac-Man is a classic and cool arcade game in the real world, but imagine it in Minecraft World. Well wonder no more.

MrSquishy - a Minecraft player has now recreated a playable Pac-Man real sized arcade cabinet in the game. A massive level of detail is included too - from the buttons of the original cabinet to the arcade style joystick to control Pac-Man himself. Included is the 1st level of Pac-Man by Namco and you experience all the sights and sounds of the original.

Watch it in action here: 

MrSquishy who is a self-confessed 'non-programmer' has outlined his endeavours on the Minecraft forums.

He is quoted as saying: "Over a year ago I set myself the challenge of creating a fully functional Pac-Man minigame in Vanilla Minecraft using the same ghost AI as the original Pac-Man game. After many hours and attempts, I've finally managed to create a map that manages to accomplish this, and much more!"

Pacman Minecraft

So with Pac-Man now functioning in Minecraft, imagine the possibilities within the game for the future. It could be the best of both worlds with a Retro Minecraft arcade built - with sit down deluxe versions of Outrun, Afterburner and Space Harrier.

We can't wait!

Pacman Minecraft 1

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