David Hasselhoff is a 'True Survivor' of the 80s!


Straight from the 1980s in a time machine the music video of the new retro game & 80s nostalgia inspired movie Kung Fury is going to blow your socks off if you love retro!

'True Survivor' will take you back to those heady days of Miami Vice, Hot summer nights, the beautiful age of arcades and classic games, movies and music!

Its a pretty great track from the man of the moment during the 80s and you just can't stop him now. With amazing cool effects which are over the top yet so entertaining this sums up this new movies mix of 80s sports cars (a white lambo featured in the video), power gloves and 80s kung fu effects. Watch it in full effect below:

We were pretty excited from the Kickstarter (which raised just over $630,000) having seen the original trailer below:

Watch out for more from the movie and it's creative brain behind the movie David Sandberg

Finally we couldn't resist but show this - the original legendary intro to Knight Rider:

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