Atari ET Games Dug Up In Landfill Sell for over $100,000!


In new Mexico landfill last year, hundreds of games buried by Atari Corporation have now generated more than $100,000 (£65,000) in sales! This has been achieved across mainly ebay sales in the USA and some countries across the world, with buyers getting their share of this part of videogame history.

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A total of 881 games have been sold!

Joe Lewandowski, who dug up the Atari games in April last year has announced this amazing total with thousands of dollars now made many years after this game which was widely held as responsible for losses of millions of dollars for Atari at the time - and it's massive impact on the video games industry.

For over 30 years in the New Mexico city of Alamogordo these disgarded ET carts were buried - only to be dug up and the whole thing was captured as a documentary.

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