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It was the first official winter’s day of 2015 as the cold winds arrived – So what better than to find a nice warm café full of retro games. 

By Dean Hedger & Jon Precce

Your favourite GYL games reviewers (and Press Start to Join event organisers!) Hedger and Preece and Sons™ headed out once more to discover the retro gaming joys of the South of England.

Press Start Game Over Cafe 1

This time the destination was the Game Over Café, 16 High St, Portsmouth.

The intrepid team of 4 parked the car and pounded down the pavement counting down the numbers as we went. “There it is, down the steps” shouted the excited foursome as we spotted the discreet game over sign on the door.

Press Start Game Over Cafe 2

We eased ourselves through the door to be met by a very welcoming site of vibrant colours, the glow of screens displaying retro goodies and a splendid array of choccy bars!.

The domed ceiling looked fantastic with its pixelated decoration and the floor brought what was once a dark basement into a treasure trove for video gaming fans young and old.

Upon getting tagged with our wristbands we set about our 2 hour window with endeavor, the 4 of us split up and were drawn to our individual preferences.

Press Start Game Over Cafe 3

With around 25 machines to choose from ranging from table top classics, arcade emulators, Playstations (1&2), Mega Drives and much, much more.

The pictures show the selection far better than we can articulate, but its safe to say that’s after an initial browse I (Dean) settled into some Jet Pac running on a Spectrum +2 whilst Jon found himself drawn to some Agent Under Fire on the Gamecube, although son did somewhat better in their head to head.

Best not to mention that again!

Press Start Game Over Cafe 4

The labour of love to create such a fantastic venue is deserving of some serious hat doffing and all the team at Press Start to Join admire the commitment made by Steve to get this off the ground (or under it).

We will definitely be visiting again as I simply must see if that hi score I set at Jet Pac remains.

By Dean Hedger & Jon Precce

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