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Fashion Store Urban Outfitters have made a normal clothes shopping trip more up our street in the High Street. By installing retro consoles to play in store!

Urbanoutfitters Sega Retrogaming 1

The Nottingham branch of Urban Outfitters it isn't just the normal retail experience you'd expect on a Saturday. You are treated to an array of retro consoles from the SEGA Mega Drive to SNES and a handful of games to play whilst you chillout wait for your partner or friends to do their shopping.

Urbanoutfitters Sega Retrogaming 4

So Urban Outfitters have lived up to their brand promise (The emphasis is on creativity) and deliver an experience unique and an experience no other store has done before. We salute you Urban Outfitters!

A wide array of different consoles have already been installed into the large branches of Urban Outfitters store in the UK. Could this be a trend to amuse and entertain retro gamers  and will other stores go the same way?

Urbanoutfitters Sega Retrogaming 2

Surely a coffee shop or two could benefit from a retro games corner with Street Fighter 2 tournies going on or a quiet game of bobble bobble amongst friends. We could be onto something here. Retrogaming fans watch this space!

Streetfighter2 Snes Background1

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