Look in your Loft!


Come on guys - everybody knows that parents throw most of your childhood memories away to make room for grown up things like wardrobes and tables! But some things that were deemed cheap back then may be gathering serious value upstairs in the loft!

Loft Retrogaming

How many times has your Mum or Dad gone up in the loft and found some of your old toys or games you played with as a kid? We know it happened, because we are all talking about it here in the office and on social media. They joy you got fom seeing your old Scalectrix or (if you were lucky enough) some Star Wars toys, handheld games or maybe even a gaming console or micro computer!

Oldtoys Gyl01

Over time here at GYL we have many of you sending in your photos of your car boot pick ups or charity shop finds. There is another way to find these classic toys and retrogames without paying a penny! 

Gamesyouloved wants YOU to "LOOK IN YOUR LOFT" #GYLlookinyourloft or lofts of people you know, who are willing to let you look at theirs!

You can either ask your parents or grandparents very nicely and ask if you can have a hunt around their lofts, or even you could ask your friends - but we want to know your finds!

Take photos, shoot a quick video or write us a blog about what you collect from your loft and send it in to us! Don't forget to use the hashtag #GYLlookinyourloft on twitter too

Cpc Gyl01

We know that not everyone will find any retrogaming consoles or toys we loved, but you never know!  Who know you might find something special up there!

Post your finds here at ideas@gamesyouloved.com, or on our Twitter or Facebook pages!

Good Luck you guys!

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