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By Mark aka @biffa23 - A note to GamesYouLoved

Retrogames Collection 1

Been a serious collector for about 10 years, but had a lot of stuff from years ago stored in the loft. I come across your web site which seem to kick me up a gear and started searching the loft. I have since found many of my old collectables, but there is still more up there.

Retrogames Collection 3


I seem to collect anything from Nintendo NES, Sega Master system up through the years. My favourite systems are Atari Jaguar, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Xbox original, and Nintendo Gamecube. These seem to be the systems I concentrate most on.

Retrogames Collection 4

My collection seems to be growing, so I decided to dedicate a complete room to it and I am trying to get as many Jaguar games as possible now as they seem to be quite hard to get hold of in good condition. About 15 years ago I managed to get hold off a Jaguar CD unit which I was very pleased with.You don't see many now about either.

Retrogames Collection 10

Most of my Sega Saturn and Dreamcast systems I had originally when I bought the consoles apart from the odd rare one with I come across. I seem to live in charity shops and game shops and online stores searching for games and consoles!

Retrogames Collection 7

A lot of retro games and consoles seems to demand high prices now which puts a lot of people off collecting which is a shame. It's quite funny now as my Wife likes searching for games I haven't got too.

She seems to be more interested in them now. It's exciting going in the loft to search for some of my old consoles which i have forgotten about.

Thanks for letting me chat about my collection

From Mark aka @biffa23

PS. Love your web site and your twitter rants -  keep up the great work!

Retrogames Collection 11

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