Things we miss about gaming


There are just some things you will never get back with next gen gaming. So we compiled a list of the things we really miss about gaming when we were kids!

1. Cartridges

Atari Cartridges

These blocks of plastic were just great. They looked amazing with the gaming art on a sticker on the front and come in many shapes and sizes over the years. The best thing about them was that they were solid and hardly ever broke, unlike scratched CD’s! But if they did stop working you just blew on them and hey presto!!!

2. Arcades and computers


These were as big as nightclubs in the 80’s! Dodgy carpets, stank of smoke and full of loud buzzing games. There were even parts of the cabs that were melted where people stubbed out cigarettes while playing.

3. Joysticks



Before the control pad came along there was the joystick! Yeah it sounds like some sort of sex toy, but this is what most computer games and arcades used to play games. They came in all sorts of designs some like a fighter pilots control, others like.....ok like a sex toy!

4. Cheats and Gaming Mags


Yes, believe it or not we did actually used to get stuck on games and found certain levels hard to complete or the baddie impossible to defeat! But thanks to all the competing gaming mags there was out there, we were gifted with cheat pages! We were given double page spread of maps, codes for extra lives an even level select cheats! But we did have to wait maybe months for these or just work it out for ourselves!

5. TV Shows


We miss Dominik Diamond, Dexter Fletcher and Patrick Moore in those video game shows, since these shows ended, no other show has even come close to taking the crown from these guys!

6. Copying Games

Tape To Tape

Gone are these days! Piracy is a serious offence these days and with Blu-Ray discs and digital coding its made it impossible to copy the latest games for your system. But when we were kids we simply copied cassette tapes easily by linking two cassette players together or (if you were posh) used a double cassette player, and just pressed record and play at the same time....SIMPLES!!!!

7. 8-Bit Music


This was no Dolby Surround Sound, this was 8-bit! Electronic beeps and bops somehow made great beats and themes and some of the most well known themes used today started of as 8-Bit tracks!

8. Three lives

3 Hearts Shirt

We are not cat’s! Unlike today’s games with respawning, after you lost your last life it was goodnight and back to the start!

9. Loading Screens

Jetpac Loadingscreen 4 

When games used to take at least 5 mins to load in the days of the Spectrum and C64, the programmers gave you something to pass the time with (or another screen for the game to crash!). These images was usually a coded copy of the box art which usually was a not quite as good.

10. Keyboards

Commodore 64

Believe it or not we did actually like a keyboard on our gameing system! Not only so we can type our names into the high score tables, burt so we had a back up way of play ing games! Basic controls were  Q + A were Up and Down and O +P were Left and Right and maybe space was fire! 

Written by @Rollie3333 (AKA Matt Shaw)

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