Show us your #SHELFIE set up!


When it comes to retro game collections there's nothing better than having a nice set of shelves to show off your games & consoles. So what better than sharing this #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved experience with you all.

 Kumao 573

#SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @Kumao_573

We asked our community about their #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved setups on Saturday 24th January 2015, and wow, did we get an amazing response. Having a collection and setting it up is a proud moment for any gamer. We love what we do - playing, talking about it and putting on display the games that are very close to us.


#SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @rich_king_retro

Just on this page now you'll be seeing some of the amazing #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved setups from our GYL friends on Twitter. Such an array of collections and display methods here. Look under the pic for the credit and link to their twitter. Give them a #follow for more retrogaming updates too!


 #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @Gamingmonkey32 

When it comes to a #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved for retrogaming collectors it's very much a personal thing and thats the beauty of it. Almost like 'through the keyhole' we are seeing into each others worlds because a retrogames collection does say alot about you. Just seeing the types of games and consoles - what range of manufacturers and game genres - through to the years they cover. It's often wide ranged or focused. 


 #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @clry2

Some collectors go pure SEGA or Nintendo, others focus on a collection of Micro Computers or Handhelds. Others go random and it's everything and anything they see and line up on the shelves!


 #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @N8IE

Also the shelf itself needs some examination. Some appear tall and thin - but very tall, with others a couple of shelves and yet very long. Other gamers shelves literally wrap around the room.

 Neil B Art

 #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @Neil_B_Art

The beauty of a #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved  is that it can be rearranged quite easily and quickly too. So if you fancy being Sonic, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Street Fighter, Monty Mole, Jet Set Willy etc, focused one month then go for it!


#SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @Smuggsy

Or perhaps if you want a handheld display to arrange your consoles in - and then add to through the pick ups you make, then the #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved allows you to do this easily. It's all up to you and how you like it - but the key thing is to have some fun doing it.


#SHELFIE #gamesyouloved from @BellasGamerDad

So the  #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved ais here to stay - in fact we see it getting bigger. As more gamers grow up with this amazing way of life of retrogaming (we don't like to call it a hobby!) there will be more opportunity to share what we do. We will add to this page and share across our social media (facebook, twitter, instagram and YouTube) any more #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved  photos you have. Also videos on the #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved  - we'd love to see them too!

If you have any more pics send them to, use our contact form or simply tweet to @gamesyouloved with the hashtag #SHELFIE #gamesyouloved.

You can post to our Facebook page as well. The more the merrier!


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