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Facebook’s Oculus Rift now has its own internal movie studio. The Social Media giant Facebook, has given funding to start producing Virtual reality movies in their own backyard and they want to bring this right into the mainstream movie industry!

The newly formed team called “Story Studio” will help bring filmmakers into the world of VR and show them the tricks of the trade and help implement this into their movies.

There is already four films in the pipeline one of which is called “LOST” and will debut at the Sundance Film Festival this year. All this had emerged from Hollywood’s thumbs up of all the Oculus demos and new games that have been showcased over the last few years. Insiders say that the big boys in Hollywood are really interested in the VR tech and are fighting each other to add another new dimension to watching movies.

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The studio will not be without experience either with a team assembled by ex Lucasfilm and Pixar employees! Gone are the days of The Lawnmower Man, and those huge VR sets you used to have to stand in holding a wired up joystick.

Facebook could be leading the way to having Rift headsets in the cinema and smashing 3D movies out of the water. We all know how long 3D has been around and that it has become more popular these days with better tech, but imagine if we had Oculus back in our day of movies! Imagine going to see Top Gun, your Oculus headset on and actually feeling that you were in that plane with Maverick.

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Looking behind you for enemy MIGS as Mav performs mental maneuvers to escape the enemy. You could be doing more than sitting down in a cinema in the future, standing or even getting in the ring with Ivan Drago and seeing the fight from Rocky’s view! Before any of these which seem like crazy ideas, we will probably see more Oculus Rift Video Games like the latest Alien Isolation installment which has had a great reception from fans.

We played this ourselves at EuroGamer and really enjoyed it, the atmosphere was deadly and if this kind of play can be transferred to film we could all be in the movies!!

Written by @Rollie333 (AKA Matt Shaw)

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