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So SEGA is 'streamlining' its operations and getting out of consoles. It needs to survive - but does this mean the end for this legendary gaming brand?


SEGA's San Francisco offices are to be shut down and in Japan staff are being offered early retirement. This brand is losing it's touch even further. Yes it's going purely into mobile and PC, but it has no where to turn now except to impress gamers with great gaming content. It has to put up a good fight and it can only do this in one way. Acting as an innovator and being creative.

That's what we knew SEGA to be in the late 80s and 90s. The brand we all loved and respected. Yes, they had their faults but imagine what the famous original San Francisco office put out in the past. It was the place of the launch of the Dreamcast along with the amazing Shenmue and other cutting edge titles. It sometimes lacked the right marketing approach and push - but they made things happen. This office is now the home of mobile games company Zynga.

Sonic Gamesyouloved Sega Retro (1)

So Mobile & PC is their future - and no AAA titles coming your way. Console gaming from SEGA is no more. Mobile is especially a growth area for gaming that SEGA want to capitalize on - they can't afford any risks as a business, but for us still need to realise the games need to stand out and be creative. If they make some cracking PC titles they could stand a chance too but its all to play for with being strong, playful and fun - all the values SEGA stood for in the past.

Sega Sonic Retrogaming

Merchandising too will be a focus - that kind of makes sense with some of the famous brands, but again we want not the same old plushies year after year. Give us some exciting gear SEGA! You know you can do it and we as gamers deserve it.

And Sonic Boom repeats...Bring back the good days of great games SEGA.

SEGA Sonic Boom

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