3D Printed Gaming Coasters


We all share your love and passion for video games. Growing up in the 1970′s… a decade that is immortalized by the first video game console wars. Video games were something the whole family could share and enjoy.

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Extreme Consoles want to promote and share their 3D printing designs and help quench your nostalgic thirst. They bring their passion of video game history, evolution and timeless nostalgia, directly to the fingertips of all gamers, collectors and enthusiasts alike in never-before-seen 3D printed video gaming character coasters.

Part of this is by infusing your love for your favourite video game console characters and franchises is a reality, thanks to their already extensive gaming knowledge.

To produce these gaming coasters they needed an extensive lead time, attention to detail, working nights and weekends they are dedicated to the production of these video gaming drinks coasters. Each has been styled into iconic gaming characters - from Mario to Sonic and many more available to choose in the range.

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Extreme Consoles have the ability to take your favourite franchise and make it new again. This is what the Extreme Consoles 3D printed coasters are all about!

3D printing is all part of the experience of Extreme Consoles approach - they specialise in making bespoke gaming products and having connected with them some time back, we are big supporters of their creativity and work.

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