Super Pantendo : The New Retro?


The Super Pantendo is a passion project by its creator. There is no private investor or crowdfunding for the project, just a madman and his dream.

This custom built arcade system plays over 6000 different games
from an impressive array of retro home gaming consoles. All of the
hardware and software scripting found in this cabinet is custom made
solely for use in the Pantendo. The unit greets you with a selection of
16 different retro home gaming consoles after turning on. Once you have
selected one console, you are given the choice of any game from that
console's available library. After you have selected the console and
game, the game will start up immediately with a pixel perfect recreation
of the original product and will be 100% playable.

What really sets this arcade unit apart is the intense attention to
detail. Every game found in the machine has been playtested to ensure
authenticity to the original game found on the home consoles. Anyone who
has played "old school" or "retro" video games will immediately see the
quality and care put into this device, and any person at all will find
endless hours of entertainment as there are so many games to be enjoyed.
No effort has been spared to make the experience seamless, flawless, and
perfect. The idea is that you could walk right up to the machine and
just be a couple of button taps away from your favorite game no matter
who you are. This is the new retro.

(Unfinished Interface)
Now, with all of that being said, the unit is not 100% complete. The
unit is completely playable and playtested. The creator, a man going by
the name panopticon36, claims that the only things left to be done are
basically cosmetic adjustments and additions. The machine is basically a
highly sophisticated dedicated emulation box where the appropriate
emulator loads a specific configuration file for each individual game to
help ensure accuracy.
(The Super Pantendo Cabinet)
The project has its own website/blog at where you can vote about different development topics, get some free merchandise, browse the game library, or just look at development pictures. The creator tries to post new content at least once every week on the site. Supposedly even bigger things are on the horizon for the project. You will want to be keeping a close eye on this
Thanks to @Pantendo


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