The Sega Tron Master System


The Sega Master System is certainly an iconic design given it's sharp angular lines and red and black colour scheme, this was all about to change!

Sega Tron Mastersystem 3

After one of our brain storming sessions it was decided that the design had to take advantage of the bold shape and we finally managed to get our list down to something from Tron. From the early onset of the original Tron (1982) to the more modern Tron: Legacy 2010, the light cycle battle and the grid had a certain appeal.

We have certainly transformed this Sega Master System into a stylish modified bespoke Sega Tron themed build featuring the grid and light cycles combined from both movies.

Sega Tron Mastersystem 4

The overall design features chameleon background paint which changes colour in the light (blue, green, purple) plus with the addition of glow in the dark paint in some highlighted areas. Looks so eye-catching during the day and in the evening it just seems to come alive. It’s just another great way to take an old console and make it look brand new, in a fresh eye catching way.

Sega Tron Mastersystem 5

TRIVIA: Did you know that there is a hidden game called "The Snail Maze Game" in the Master System? To play this game, turn on your power base without a cartridge. While the Sega Master System logo is appearing on the screen, press and hold the directional button in the up position while simultaneously holding down buttons 1 and 2.

Once the logo fully appears, the first maze will scroll onto the screen from the right.

Keep a look out for more of our custom creations in the near future from Extreme Consoles


Sega Tron Mastersystem

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