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We were lucky to be sent a preview of the entire album from Rob & Andrew Hewson and have been listening to it over the last week or so. 

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Without spoiling the CD for you – we have a brief overview of the tracks included:

Ash Read - Exolon.

Happy Hardcore from the outset! – fast paced and full of fun

Ben Daglish, Max Hall Firelord - The Orchestral Mix

A medieval mix of orchestral tunes – quite chilled out. You feel like a middle ages King just chilling listening to this!

Ben Daglish, Max Hall Firelord - The Acoustic Live Version

This live version is a cool follow on to the Orchestral mix - Pipes and whistle sounds all add to this historical atmosphere.


Jeroen Tel - Eliminator

Super funky and disco – this is an upbeat track that will have you grooving. A cool mix of instruments used make this a stand out track.

Jeroen Tel - Cybernoid 2 -The Revenge

Electro greatness – starting with a deep strumming tune and melody into something from the movie 'Drive'. This is very 80s cool – Miami Vice music.

Matt Gray - Deliverance - Stormlord 2

This starts slow and melodic – gradually bringing in a powerful mix of electronic synth and drumbeats to make this another stand out track for us. This has so much energy its crazy!

Norbert Weiher - Dragontorc

Powerful music with a dark yet dramatic feel about it



This rock and roll track surprisingly includes a vocal track unlike the previous instrumental tracks on the CD. ‘Uridium’ sings out the Chorus – all very Whitesnake / Def Leppard which is a good thing. Some amazing guitar solos in this too

Steve Turner - Avalon

The gentle tunes of Avalon on guitar in acoustic only for the first 10 seconds makes this a beautiful and haunting track not to be missed.

Steve Turner - Rana Rama

A very short track – just over a minute but worth it – Brian May would not be ashamed to cover this guitar extravaganza!

Tel & Tess - Battle Valley (feat. Tess Fries) .

What a fresh cool 80s feeling final track this is. A subtle groaning vocal (it sound fantastic!) accompanies this Blondie-esque electronica. What a way to finish.


Overall this is a CD perfect for any music fans of the 1980s electronica style. A must for gamers who appreciate music in their games too – reinvented with a startling new twist.

Highly recommend 9/10

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