Nintendo Rides to appear at Universal Theme Parks


Nintendo have announced that they will be teaming up with the great Universal Studios and will be planning some rides and attractions at the parks!

We all know that these theme parks are the best in the world offering great rides with the most up to date tech out there. Also with sites all over the world maybe we could see different kinds of rides or attractions that suit each country in popularity?

Universal Nintendo

The biggest site of course will be Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, which will probably have a whole Mario World to explore and play in! (we hope).  Remember it is early days yet and these sort of things take time and knowing Nintendo.....well they have history!

Nintedo Universal 2

As long as the rides or attractions use the most popular characters and games from the gaming brand this could be a massive coup for Nintendo.

What could we see, well here are a few ideas we would like to put out there!

Maybe a Rainbow Road Roller Coaster, a 3D mario world where you can interact with games and characters and of course a awesome Mario Kart track.  But there are also other great Nintendo games out there with great concepts.

What kind of rides or attractions would you like to see? How about the amazing Link?!

Zelda Universal


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