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The headquarters of Coolblue is located in Rotterdam (Netherlands) and is one of the largest online shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. 

A virtual tour of the office by Chris Laarman 

Want to check out the assortment? Try, which takes you to (surprise, surprise) a random shop of Coolblue! Or you could just visit or 

Coolblue 6

One of the core values of Coolblue is “Everything for a smile”. That does not only apply for the customers of Coolblue, but also for the employees. And Coolblue has some of the best looking meeting rooms to prove that. Every room represents a part of the culture of the company.

Coolblue 1

And with a large IT department, game related rooms are abundant; Pac-man, Arkanoid, Tetris, Donkey Kong & Super Mario 3!

Coolblue 2

Coolblue 4

However, 'looks' can be deceiving. The seats in the meeting rooms are actually designed to be uncomfortable. This to makes sure meetings won’t last too long. But truth be told; who wouldn’t want to spend some time in one of these awesome rooms anyway? 

More information:

Coolblue 3

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