Retro Gaming Console Posters


Earlier this year whilst working on a custom console conversion (which unfortunately didn't go to plan!) we had several drawings which were pinned up in the studio.

By Chris - Extreme Consoles Team Leader

After a few weeks of looking at our drawings we had the idea, what if we could create some posters showing consoles in a new and exciting way?

Atari Retro

After a great deal of research and lots of late nights we created a set of blueprint poster designs aimed at all retro gamers. Not everyone is an avid collector of old consoles, but that being said they still have fond memories of playing video games on a console when they were small.


We hope that we have recreated gamers past memories in these beautifully illustrated graphic posters, all designs featured are our own re-branded names due to licensing laws.


These posters are printed on high quality satin-gloss paper, this gives the correct balance between matte and gloss so they look amazing when framed with no excessive reflection, plus they look great as a standard wall poster which may be purchased directly from our website -

YouTube video video: 

We've got a lot more designs planned for next year and would love to hear from. Tell us about your console ideas, perhaps they could even end up as a poster!

By Chris - Extreme Consoles Team Leader


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