GPD XD - First Look & Retro Game Play Review


Playing retro games in this day and age can be challenge. Time, money, effort and even being able to play at home when sometimes you can't fit it into your lifestyle.

The traditional and original consoles and cartridges, disks and cassettes give us the nostalgia and warm feeling in it's truest form. Yet there lies the challenge. Retrogames are massive in terms of the numbers out there -  as is their availability and cost too. Alongside this - some titles are not even available easily enough to us all.

So we have emulation. There are a ton of ways to do it - for many years now. And here we get a chance to try the GPD to test out it's features, gameplay and ease of use as a hi-tech Android device that is dedicated to retro games.

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Watch our video below for our initial review which includes an overview of the hardware and a number of games we play through:



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