My Retrogaming History


My Retrogaming History

I’d like to say that I have owned some of the best consoles and computers that have been released so here is my history and a few memories from each that I can remember!

 The ZX Spectrum 48k

ZX Spectrum

We have always had a computer or console in my house as soon as they became must have item for households.  My first memory was my Dad coming to me and saying (out of the blue) “come on lets go and get a computer!”  He drove me to Woolworths where he picked us up the Sinclair Spectrum.  The noise of it loading the Horizons tape and the clean shiny black plastic are strangely the first things I remember of this computer!

The Sega Master System

Master System Small

This was our first console, we never ventured into gaming with the Atari 2600, I had to go to my mate’s house to play that bad boy.  But hey, how proud was I to get this sleek Japanese number to play on.  Cartridge’s, instant loading times and awesome sound effects made this great fun. 8-bit power was here and you were actually excited to get your mates round for a penalty shoot out on World Cup Soccer!

The Sega Megadrive

Megaheader 1405514190 67964

The ultimate Xmas present!  I bugged my parents for weeks and they never gave in to my demands but come Christmas morning I had this sexy 16-bit upgrade on my Master System with Altered Beast game.  All memories point to the stunning graphics and design of this console. I must have played this game all day long, and when I put the earphones in at night and got stereo sound…..the rest is history!

The Mega CD

Mega CD Small

Well I soon forgot about cartridges when this came along. The graphics just took gaming to another level. I had Road Avenger Soundtrack playing on the CD player as I got dressed in the morning and interactive gaming made this just like watching TV!  I Was so proud having this sat under my Megadrive which looked better than any Hi-Fi system out there.

 The N64


Changing from Sega to Nintendo seemed like a faux pa back in these days, but when you saw the advance in graphics and gameplay even from my beloved Mega-CD it was an easy decision.  Going back to cartridges seemed strange at first and a new crazy controller with both D-pad and a joystick gave you a new way to control you games.

After the N64 I must confess that my gaming days have slowly dwindled in going out and buying consoles and hoards of games as prices got out of control and with just so many releases I just couldn’t afford to keep up with the trends.  I must say I did have a year or so dabbling with the PS2 and the amazing array of games. But I don’t think anything can change those great days of gaming I had in those early years with my friend Sega!


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