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Tell us one of the BEST Christmas Gaming experiences from your Childhood! (comment below or post to our Facebook page or Tweet to us too on Twitter)

Andy from us his PS2 Christmas unboxing memory & what his has lined up for us to get in our retro gaming stocking this year!

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Check out the video:

For us Christmas unboxing (or unwrapping as we called it back then!) presents small and large was a natural part of growing up and conjures so many great memories of toys and games we once owned and in some cases still own. Through the years of being very young to being a teenager and dare we say it, as an early adult with still having the excitment of games at Christmas. 

Some great GYL Team memories include:

- getting a ZX Spectrum and playing Horace Goes Skiing because there were not many games at that time, but we didn't care. Everyone crowded around the small portable TV and rubber keyboard to see this 48K marvel!

- playing board games like Cluedo, Game of Life, Guess Who and being entertained by doing this without any distractions like texting or the internet!

- TomyTronic and Grandstand electronic games which kept us quiet for hours on end and our older relatives seem to love playing too

- seeing the Amiga for the first time a reaslising Defender of the Crown was a game that you had ever seen or experienced ever before of it's kind. It blew us away then and for years after.

- playing Sonic on the Mega Drive throughout Christmas day when you realised video games could be for all ages of people - as even our grandparents wanted to have a go!


- playing SEGA Nights into dreams on Christmas morning with a cooked breakfast and cup of tea and loving every minute of the total Christmas experience. Still do this today  - just set the clock on your Sega Saturn to Dec 25th! 

- Playing Tomb Raider for hours without much of a break on Boxing Day while eating way too many turkey sandwiches and mince pies left over from the night before, without a care in the World!

Merry Christmas! Yeah - it's a bit early we know :)

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