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I’ve been gaming since an early age and am now in my late 30’s. I generally stick to the older games nowadays, especially arcade style games because I can play these quickly without having to really get into them. Good for a quick gaming fix!

Article by Richard Evans On Twitter - Retro Rich aka @richard31337

I work in IT now I have an electronics background so I fix and maintain my console and arcade collection hardware. I learned most things I know about arcade machines from watching John’s Arcade on YouTube (thanks @blkdog7)

Console Game Collection

My SNES, N64 and Playstation 2 are consoles I purchased brand new back when they were current. All the other consoles I own have been bought second hand. I wish I’d kept hold of my imported and converted Japanese Megadrive from my teens, but I sold it to buy a Playstation. I intend to mod my UK Spec Megadrive at some point to get the better video output and higher clock speed the Japanese model provides.

Retrogaming 2Nd

I buy games from eBay, charity shops and car boot sales. I like to play the games on original hardware so I’m more interested in reasonable condition kit rather than A1 boxed or New Old Stock. I’ll just open NOS to play it ☺ which is what I did with my Hyper Neo Geo 64 arcade hardware!

Console Setup

I love a good audio visual experience so where possible all my consoles are connected with RGB Scart or Component video cables and the audio goes through my surround system. I like to play it nice and loud! Some of the audio on the older games, particularly Neo Geo titles sounds excellent through a decent system but even a SNES sounds good through my speakers. I’m part of a newly created gaming organisation called the Retro Illuminati

Neo Geo Game Collection

This originally started from an arcade game high score competition between 4 friends from around the world. The website was created by my friend Rob Visser (@robvissernet) and is under construction. Later it will have more info about each of us and perhaps game reviews, technical info, a forum. Who knows! It’s very much in it’s infancy at the moment.

Gaming facts about Retro Rich

• My 1st home computer was a BBC Micro with cassette player.

• My favourite game on the BBC was Elite

• My 1st console was a Sega Master System plus with the 3D glasses.

•  My favourite game on the Master System was R-Type

• My 1st handheld was the original Atari Lynx although I had a Lynx 2 later on.

• My favourite game on Lynx was Zarlor Mercenary Consoles

JAMMA Multicade

Rich Owns 

• Atari 2600

• Megadrive with Powerbase Converter

• Playstation

• Playstation 2 - 1st gen

• GameBoy • Nintendo DS - 1st gen and Lite

• Super Nintendo • Nintendo 64 • GameCube

• Wii • Neo Geo X with Jailbreak - Plays 136 Neo Geo games and thousands of 8 and 16 bit console games


• XBOX 360

Retrogaming 4Th

Arcade Machines Rich Owns 

JAMMA wired Multicade I built myself. It has over 1000 arcade games run from a Game Elf with 2x cards for both vertical and horizontal games. There is a Swivel mount LCD Monitor for easy changes. It has a Custom bezel and marquee. The Flat pack cabinet and most hardware came from Arcade World UK. It’s wired for JAMMA+ and currently has a Hyper Neo Geo 64 installed with Fatal Fury Wild Ambition. 

Artwork was provided by

Neo Geo MVS 6 slot by Electrocoin UK. This is my restoration project. I want to restore it to it’s original 1990’s condition. So far I have fixed distorted Audio, various joystick and button problems and rebuilt the Power Supply. Next on the list to restore are the Control Panel Overlay, EL marquee lights and all metal work.

Neo Geo MVS

Most prized Gaming Possessions • Neo Geo MVS Arcade Cabinet • Neo Geo X – The Jailbreak makes this a great emulation platform which plays thousands of games with nice arcade sticks • Boxed SNES • Boxed Steel Battalion for XBOX – 1st gen with green buttons

Consoles I’m after next for my collection • Sega Dreamcast • Atari Jaguar • Nintendo Entertainment System

So now you know a bit about me feel free to come and say hello on Twitter!

You never know, perhaps you’ll be able to join the Retro Illuminati soon too and participate in our high score competitions. It’s just for fun, no prizes… yet!

Article by Richard Evans On Twitter - Retro Rich aka @richard31337

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