Space Invaders Galaxy Bomb Cocktail


We got talking with our friends at Drunken Fandom and felt it was time to create an EPIC cocktail. So here goes for the Ingredients and making of the Space Invaders Galaxy Bomb! Watch the video below - all mixed and made by Kay:

How to make it...

Space Invaders Galaxy Bomb

A day or two before hand, drop green jolly ranchers into your vanilla vodka and place in a bright location, for best color. One Jolly Rancher will infuse 3 shots of vodka. Allow to sit, shaking occasionally, until Jolly Ranchers have completely dissolved, then place in the freezer. Chill all other ingredients beforehand.  

Now it's time to build your galaxy. Pour root beer and Gold Schlager into a pint glass, then add RumChata, to create your starry Milky Way. We suggest using A&W or Dad's brand root beer in order to avoid separation.

Space Invaders Galaxy Bomb Cocktail 2

Pour a shot of green vanilla vodka and get ready!

Drop your green bomb into the galaxy to blow those evil aliens sky high, and test your reflexes by drinking it all down as fast as you can!  

Ingredients: 4 oz Root beer, 2 oz RumChata, 1/4 oz Gold Schlager, 1oz Vanilla vodka Green Jolly Ranchers  


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Space Invaders Galaxy Bomb Cocktail 

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