$5000 NES


Gaming Hardware manufacturer Analogue, who brought you the chrome NES a while back have just gone one better in terms of a finish to the console!  

We have probably seen every custom console there is, from wooden Neo-Geo's to SNES's painted and altered to look like a Ninja Turtle!. But we can only drool at his new edition to the fray!


This blinged up bad boy is 24 karat gold plated and very very shiney! If you have the spare $5k you can even have a original Legend of Zelda cartridge to play when you recieve your gold! The idea was origanlly to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Zelda, but it was so popular they have decided to build 10! 

So if you have a spare 5k or are just desperate for a gold NES,  best get one now!

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