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Something special is coming to PLAY Expo Blackpool this month - and it's football all the way with the Euro's ahead of us. The legend of Soccer (Football) Jon Hare himself taking to the stage for gaming fans who visit!

Jon will be exclusively at the show in just a few weeks time (You can still get tickets at for a whole host of of football fun. 

Jon Hare 

Amiga Sensible Soccer:

As probably alot of you know already, Sensible Soccer and Sensible World of Soccer have been held up as some of the greatest football games ever made since they first appeared in the 90s across a range of platforms from Amiga to Atari to Mega Drive. This is one of the rare occassions Jon will make an apperance this year. So here's your chance to meet him and hear about all his exploits fromt the past to his new venture in football gaming!

International Sensi

Talking all things football, Jon Hare will be previewing and hosting the world's first hands on session with Tower Studios' Sociable Soccer, plus taking part in a rare on stage apperance for football gaming fans.

Socialable Soccer Coming Soon!

At Jon is ready to show the world the recent reboot; Sociable Soccer to the gamers attending, so we can't wait to get there and talk to John and play the game against our mates for ourselves. We hope you can make it too! 

Sociable Soccer has been created by a team of developers who have worked on some massively exciting and successful gaming projects like Alan Wake, Max Payne and The Walking Dead: No Man's Land.

Over 10,000 player names will be in the game, though all teams are editable allowing players to customise and take part in on-line play too.

Sociable Soccer 2

Jon says “We are delighted to give all of the attendees at PLAY Expo Blackpool a hands on sneak preview of Sociable Soccer. It really is the spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer...super-fast football fun.”  

Sociable Soccer will be available to play at PLAY Expo Blackpool exclusively on both days. This will be held as tournaments for everyone who wants to get involved in playing. It will involve you going head to head in 3 minute matches with over 1000 teams to choose from.

The finals will be overseen on stage by Jon himself! Go Football crazy!

Alongside all this action, Jon Hare will be joining his dev team on Sunday to talk about the new game and also everything retrogaming from the Sensible Soccer series, to the games he made in the early years starting out.

Wizball 2

Jon will be on hand to answer your questions from his time at Sensible Software and during the period he started the company to massive growth and success of the business into the 90s. So much history exists with Jon, as he was one of the founders of Sensible Software in the 1980's along with Chris Yates.


Games such as Parallax, Microprose Soccer and Wizball in the early years of development were part of the amazing back catalogue of Sensible Software. Moving into their 16-bit Era - you will remember such classics like Mega Lo Mania, Cannon Fodder, WizKid and Sensible Soccer itself.

More info on Socialable Soccer and Jon go here:

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