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We recently received some cool retro gaming posters from designer Nik (that's Nicola) and had a quick chat with her about her inspiration for all things geeky.

GYL- when did you start designing game related work?

IMG 2830

Nik - I’ve always been a fan of gaming and game art, even back as far as the ZX Spectrum days, but I began designing my own game inspired designs last year when I set my Etsy store up.

IMG 2829

GYL - what inspires you to design retro game posters and other merchandise?

Nik - I’ve been creating vector artwork since 2011 as a Freelance Graphic Designer, after work was slow one week I decided to start a small personal project, that developed into the Retro Consoles poster and badges which has grown into the collection on my Etsy store and market via my Instagram account 

IMG 2833

GYL - What games did you love growing up?

Nik- I’m a huge fan of Resident Evil on PS1, the original game, although clunky and long in places, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Outrun will forever be my favourite racing game, and Super Mario on the GameBoy.

IMG 2825

GYL - What retro consoles do you still own?

I currently have a Nintendo GameBoy, Sega Gamegear, NES, PS1 and I’ve just bought myself a Sega Megadrive (which I’m really excited above).

GYL - Do you have any new games related designs coming up

Nik - Yes, ‘8-bit Turtles’ went live recently, available on mugs at my Etsy store:

IMG 2968

Thanks for speaking to GYL - look forward to seeing your geeky stuff in the future here on

IMG 2834

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