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We have seen some big collections over the years here at GamesYouLoved from all over the world. They come in all shapes and sizes and there is always an interesting story behind them.

We caught up with Classic Game collector John Hancock about his amazing collection he has amassed over the years and found out why he loves videogames, what he plays and why he collects retro games

John Hancock Retro Collection 3

GamesYouLoved - how long have you been playing video games?

John - I have been playing games for over 35 years. I remember going to the arcades as a small boy playing early Atari Arcade games.

GamesYouLoved - what was your first console?

John - My first console was a Radio Shack TV scoreboard(Pong Clone).

John Hancock Retro Collection 1

GamesYouLoved - what gaming era do you love the most - 70s, 80s or 90s?

John - I have to say that the 90s has the best of many worlds. Nes, Snes, Sega Genesis, Neo Geo, and Turbo Grafx were all hitting their stride during this era. While I also did like gaming on the Playstation, it really is the 8 and 16 bit era that I enjoyed the most.

John Hancock Retro Collection 5

GamesYouLoved - when did you start collecting seriously?

John - Early to mid 90s I started collecting more than what I could play.

GamesYouLoved - was it easy to collect in the early days?

John - Easier, but not easy. I drove hundreds of miles for games. There were less game shows, and ebay was not a thing yet. Prices were cheaper, but less information at your fingertips made you have to do more research for games.

John Hancock Retro Collection 4

GamesYouLoved - is it more difficult to collect now?

John - Yes it is for a couple of reasons. There are more folks looking for the same stuff. Prices has gotten expensive for some things. Other things are just not available. Older games are a hit and miss of being anywhere other than ebay.

GamesYouLoved  - tell us about some of the people you have met through your collecting?

John - Met Rick Weis at a Classic Gaming Expo where we then became friends.

This friendship also started the groundwork for video game shows in the Portland Vancouver Area. This was ground zero for what is now the Portland RetroGaming Expo.

I have met David Crane, Jerry Lawson, Walter Day, Billy Mitchel, Bob Smith, Joe Decuir at a previous PRGE and sold him an Amiga...something that he helped with the design.

Most importantly, I have lasting friendships with people who now help me organize the Cowlitz Gamers for Kids Expo.

John Hancock Retro Collection

GamesYouLoved - name 3 games you love alot from your collection?

John - Robotron 2084, Ghouls N Ghosts, and Rogue Squadron

GamesYouLoved if you could own one console only what would it be?

John - Sega Genesis

John Hancock Retro Collection 2

Find out more about John and his collection and the things he supports with the links below:


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