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Back in 2002 the first entry in one of gaming's greatest franchises was reborn. Resident Evil on the GameCube took the core plot, characters and gameplay of the 1996 original and greatly expanded and improved upon the formula. The game was developed over the course of a year and two months and was the product of an exclusivity deal between Nintendo and Capcom regarding canon entries in the series. This was Resident Evil as creator Shinji Mikami had originally intended it to be.

Resident Evil (2002 Remake AKA REmake) for Nintendo GameCube Review by Larry Lomas - follow on Twitter here:

The first noticeable difference in the remake is the absence of the original game's live action opening. This is replaced by a fully CG one, making great use of the Cube's amazing graphical power. The next big difference is how everything in the game looks just as stunning during play. REmake still uses pre-rendered backgrounds and 3D character models like the original. However, the graphical difference between the two games is jaw dropping. The backgrounds also make good use of FMV and particle effects to really bring them to life. Lightning flashes from outside will illuminate the mansion's dimly lit entrance hall for brief moments at a time, creating the perfect horror atmosphere.

Yet another big change is in the dialogue and voice acting. The hilariously bad lines of the original game are replaced in this version, taking away any hint of comic relief and allowing players to immerse themselves in a far more believable horror setting. The plot of the game is also expanded with the addition of a new side story involving a boss character named Lisa Trevor. This was cut from the original game for whatever reason, but it really adds a lot more horror and intrigue to the plot. This isn't the only big change in terms of how the game plays though.

Resident Evil Remake

REmake also introduces a new type of zombie, the Crimson Head. These are zombies that have undergone further mutation after laying dormant for a certain period of time. Besides the crimson skin, they have also developed long claws and the ability to run. Sometimes the player will not have any choice about facing these monsters, but many encounters can be avoided if the player correctly disposes of regular zombies. Since Crimson Heads are both difficult to evade and difficult to kill once they appear, it is in the player's best interests to do this. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game and is a welcome addition. Even the regular zombies can now open doors in pursuit of the player and that is pretty unnerving. Another added gameplay feature is the use of defence weapons, such as daggers. These can be used by the player to avoid taking damage when they are grabbed by a zombie. These are really useful if the player ends up surrounded or cornered.

REmake contains several new locations. The mansion and surrounding area from the first game have been expanded and rearranged dramatically. The area beneath the guard house has had a very noticeable makeover and the encounter with Neptune the shark is far scarier than it was in 1996. The key plot moments from the original are still there, but are acted out far better. The soundtrack has also been updated with new recordings of tracks from the first game as well as some entirely new ones. The whole thing sounds far more chilling.

Retained features from the original include the use of tank controls, the use of limited ink ribbons for saving progress, limited ammunition and limited item space. These things would be an unnecessary nuisance in some games, but they're essential to the concept of true survival horror. Maintaining a strategic mindset in tense situations is what this game is all about.

REmake was one of many Cube exclusives that made me really proud to own the system back in the day. It was a great attempt at shaking off the notion that the GameCube was just a 'kiddy console'. I still feel the Cube is the number one console for any fan of the series, as it boasts all of the best entries in its library (REmake, RE0, RE2, RE3: Nemesis, RE: Code Veronica X and RE4). Last year saw the release of this game in HD for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A classic game like this definitely deserves to stand in the spotlight once more.

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Resident Evil's remake is a terrifying, challenging and highly enjoyable game that I'd recommend to gamers everywhere. Only time will tell if the long anticipated Resident Evil 2 Remake, announced in August 2015, can apply the same magic to the series' most beloved chapter.

Resident Evil (2002 Remake AKA REmake) for Nintendo GameCube Review by Larry Lomas - follow on Twitter here:

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