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However you play retro games today - there is probably a time in your life where you 'got serious' about starting to play and collect. Andy Hugg tells us about his adventures in retrogaming when started collecting a few years ago. 

Article by Andy Hugg - Follow on Twitter  8bitandyhug

It started quite innocently. Picking up a few choice Mega Drive games from my childhood. 

Retro Game Collection 3

Slowly over time I got more and more involved with the retro scene. A few games became a lot of games. I started branching out to other systems that I'd had as a kid.

 Andy in action:

Fuelled by nostalgia and talking to other like minded people through social media it became it bit of an obsession. It's funny, as I grew older I lost a lot of love for gaming. I didn't pick up a controller for years.

Nes Stack

But after doing all those unecessary 'grown up' things through my twenties I have reverted to my big passion in life and that is collecting and playing games. I tend to collect 8 and 16-Bit titles. Games that were released through the late 80's into the early 90's.

Retro Game Collection 4

My golden era of gaming. When arcades were still in their prime and console owners searched for arcade perfect, coin op conversions and the platform game dominated.

Later when the Playstation came out and with it, the leap to 3D and polygons, I fell slightly out of love with it all.

Andy unboxes and plays NES Popeye:

I still enjoy many modern games of course but my passion will always lie with those early Sega and Nintendo games that played a huge part in shaping who I am.

Most people have songs that remind them of certain times in their lives. Hearing a song immediately takes them back to a simpler time. For me games do this and so collecting and playing these games again has been hugely enjoyable for me.

Article by Andy Hugg - Follow on Twitter  8bitandyhug




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